Etihad Airways Wins CIPS Middle East Awards

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Saudi Arabia’s Logistics Sector Expected to Boom

Image via Flickr by Wajahat Mahmood

Saudi Arabia has a thriving logistics sector right now and it is expected to boom over the next ten years. Industry experts say that consumer spending is going to see a 6.9 percent growth rate in 2015 alone, causing the logistics sector to see higher demand. That’s good news for this GCC region. The Middle East as a whole has also seen improved economic conditions [Read more…]

Jebel Ali Port Ranks Number One in the World for Capacity

Image via Flickr by Official U.S. Navy Page

Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port was just named the world’s most productive port by the U.S. Journal of Commerce. It beat out 483 other ports around the world. The port has always been a leader. Back in 2007, it was ranked seventh in the world. However, Jebel Ali Port finally made it to the top. [Read more…]

Egypt Gets Help for its Logistics Center Project

Image via Flickr by Official U.S. Navy Page

Egypt plans to create a massive global logistics center in Damietta to handle and store grain and other food commodities. Several countries are joining in the efforts and investing in the 15-billion pound project. The logistics center is supposed to increase the annual capacity of food commodity trading in Egypt by triple and benefit several countries around the world. Both Italy and Russia are major investors, but the U.S. has also shown an interest in the logisitics center project. [Read more…]

Conflict Continues to Rock Iraq’s Place in Global Manufacturing and Oil

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According to the Economic Times, “India’s engineering goods exports to Iraq more than halved in May and have now almost come to a halt due to ongoing clashes between government forces and rebels in the West Asian country.” [Read more…]

Oil, Gas, and the Egyptian Economy

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According to Reuters, “The partners in Israel’s Tamar natural gas field said on Tuesday they had signed a letter of intent with Union Fenosa Gas to export up to 2.5 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas over 15 years to a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Egypt. Tamar was discovered in the eastern Mediterranean in 2009 and holds an estimated 10 tcf of gas. The larger Leviathan field was discovered nearby a year later and turned Israel into a potential energy exporter.” [Read more…]

Dubai Seeks Sweeter Manufacturing Deals Outside the Oil Industry

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According to a recent Gulf News report, “Dubai FDI, the investment development agency in the Department of Economic Development (DED) has assisted one more multinational move to Dubai for broader market access and expansion with Lindt & Sprungli, the famous Swiss manufacturer of premium chocolates, establishing its representative office in the emirate.” [Read more…]

Saudi Arabia: GE Oil & Gas Breaks New Ground in Old Territory

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More oil and gas is snaking its way through Dammam, Saudi Arabia as GE starts work on a new manufacturing site that’s slated to excite the growing economy. [Read more…]

Airbus and Boeing Sign Deals With Abu Dhabi Suppliers

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As Abu Dhabi leaders deal with their most pressing problem — the dwindling of their staple economic booster, oil — they are delving into new industries to keep the capital city afloat after the oil is gone. Among their plans are attracting tourists and building up their manufacturing sector. [Read more…]

Egyptian Economy Inexplicably Stable During Widespread Violence and Protests

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Economists are trying to understand how Egypt’s economy is remaining so stable, even as the death toll from recent violence surpassed the 1,000 mark in six days. The violence began June 30 after the ousting of Islam President Mohamed Mursi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The new military government is struggling to keep industries running and keep the Suez Canal operational. Yet, since protests began, the two primary stock indices in Egypt are up a shocking 12 percent. [Read more…]