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Apple Announces New Music Streaming Service

Apple Announces New Music Streaming Service
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About a decade ago, practically everyone was walking around with their iPod, listening to songs downloaded from iTunes. Now, Apple wants to revolutionize the way people listen to music again. In June 2015, Apple announced the launch of their new music streaming service, Apple Music.

Companies like Pandora and Spotify have been gaining in popularity because users can listen to music from their favorite artists and genres without paying for each individual song. Each company has over a million users. These music streaming services are free unless you upgrade to a paid account that eliminates the ads. Apple Music plans to do something similar, but in a bigger way. Apple Music will be a new service and iTunes will undergo a major overhaul. Apple is doing this in an effort to stay on trend with the way that people listen to music nowadays.

Back in the days of file sharing when Napster was put out of business, everyone thought music streaming services were gone for good. iTunes was the solution, but things are changing again. Streaming services are very similar to traditional radio stations because users can enjoy music for free if they are willing to endure ads. Apple has not disclosed the details on how Apple Music will work, but experts expect it to run on ads, too.

Pandora and Spotify have been in business for several years now. Some people think Apple Music will be able to come in and sweep the market because of their “Apple Factor.” Others think they have waited too long and market share has already been captured. It will be interesting to see how Apple Music transforms the industry.

Apple Music will be available on June 30 in 100 countries. It will cost apporximately $9.99 per month and be a 24-hour music streaming service.

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