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UK Manufacturers Prepare for More Growth in 2014

The manufacturer’s organization of the UK, EEF, is revising projections for the 2013 production year to indicate stronger than expected growth, and is further gearing up their supply chain infrastructures in anticipation of an even stronger year in 2014. While the overall economy of the UK is expected to grow by 2.4 percent, manufacturing output…

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Even Amid Extremely Low Prices, European Commission Investigates Container Shippers for Price Fixing

Prices remain low among ocean container shippers, particularly concerning rates for shipping between Europe and Asia. However, the European Commission is pursuing investigations on about 14 different shippers because the EC has reason to believe that the companies were engaging in activities which violated antitrust laws. According to the laws, companies do not actually have…

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UPS Conducts Survey of UK Online Shoppers and Finds Some Interesting Trends

The global package delivery giant UPS has concluded a survey of European online shoppers, and the results may be interesting to online retailers all over the world. As more consumers are willing to shop online, and fewer depend solely on brick and mortar stores for their businesses, it is important to know what online shoppers…