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China is Diversifying Away from China (Wait, what?)

Companies Shoring Up Supply Chains Through M&A

2020 to 2022 has been a roller-coaster ride for global supply chains (no matter how resilient you’ve built your supply chain).

Building in flexibility, agility and diversification are now three key elements supply chain professionals are looking to strengthen.

Some companies, are using M&A to help achieve those goals.

Railroad Strike Averted

The threat of a potential railway strike in the US was averted this past week. If the rail workers went on strike it would have put an already battered supply chain into more chaos.

Luckily, the workers’ unions and rail companies were able to hash out an agreement.

China is Diversifying Away from China (Wait, what?)

With hard restrictions on Chinese factories over the last few years, it has wreaked havoc on supply chains and the companies that run those factories.

So, in order to diversify their own operations and livelihood, Chinese manufacturers are beginning to setup manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

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