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CloudDDM LLC Launches 3D Printing Services

CloudDDM LLC Launches 3D Printing Services
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The UPS Supply Chain Solutions Campus in Louisville has a newcomer. CloudDDM LLC is a direct digital manufacturing firm, and they just launched their advanced manufacturing facility. Through a combination of 3D printing technology and automation, CloudDDM plans to provide customers with additive manufacturing services that draw on the location of the UPS Supply Chain Solutions Campus.

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CloudDDM Cofounder and CEO Mitch Free said, “We realized that direct digital manufacturing was the future and a new approach to additive manufacturing would be required in order for the technology to reach its full potential. We believe our approach offers value to start-ups, small companies, and large companies alike.” That’s proving to be true.

Many companies are starting to realize the cost savings of 3D printing. It helps them manage inventory and accelerate production to meet demands. 3D printing is also becoming more advanced. It will truly revolutionize the supply chain industry. Right now, complex objects can be printed, either in whole or as parts for other products. There are a variety of materials that can be printed, too. There are both flexible materials and hard materials. The best part is that the look and feel of 3D printed objects is becoming highly customizable.

Lots of 3D printing services are popping up around the world. CloudDDM differs from its competitors because of their high level of automation. So, if a customer uploads a digital model, CloudDDM can manufacture the product and ship it in an incredible amount of time, even at large volumes. The automation also helps to keep costs low for customers.

On top of efficient business practices, CloudDDM’s location in the UPS Supply Chain Solutions Campus gives them access to quick air shipping from the Louisville International Airport. That’s a big advantace in the 3D printing industry. It will be interesting to see how CloudDDM evolves as a company and what 3D printing competitors do to increase automation and shipping logistics.


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