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Cotton Goods in Pakistan Are Improving

Image via Flickr by Gloria Cabada-Leman

Cotton is produced around the world and then woven into fabric. Some of the biggest producers of cotton in the world are China and India. However, Pakistan is the fourth-largest producer of cotton and it is also a major textile fabricator. They have massive spinning capacity and produce a wide variety of textile exports from their cotton. Cotton is used in their broadcloth, linen, quilting fabric, and several cotton-polyester blends. It is essential to the fashion industry and many other sectors, as well as Pakistan’s exports.Pakistan is looking to boost its textile industry by promoting sustainability in their cotton mills. The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) just signed a deal to improve worker conditions and environmental standards. The deal was made with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The textile industry in Pakistan is expected to improve because of this deal and be able to compete better in the world cotton market.

396 cotton mills are represented by the APTMA. Each is making changes to their water usage, natural habitat conservation habits, and farmer training. These changes will promote better conditions for workers and the environment. Additionally, cotton from Pakistan will become more valuable and have a higher standard of quality. Punjab Seth Muhammad Akbar even said, “the deal will help boost textile exports across the textile value chain from farm to fashion to foreign trade.”

Back in 2013, farmers were encouraged to produce better cotton and improve their mills and processes. 46,500 farmers participated with the BCI and saw improvements. On average, they saw an increase of 42 percent in profits and 14 percent less water usage. The same kind of improvements are expected from this new sustainability deal. Sustainability isn’t always cost effective, but it is proving to be so in this situation.

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