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First Flying Car Could Be Released in 2017

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been hard at work trying to keep the sky safe, but new innovations, such as drones, have been making their job more difficult. Well, things are about to get even more complicated as the first flying car hopes to make its début. This could happen as early as 2017.

People have been dreaming about flying cars for years. Now, AeroMobile has a prototype for a flying car that they hope to release for sale by 2017. Of course, only the wealthiest people around the world will be able to afford it at first. They will probably be just as expensive as private jets, and the safety will be questionable until enough research has been done.

Self-driving cars and flying cars are both the way that the automotive industry is headed. Streets are too crowded and unsafe. It takes too long to get from point A to point B. Self-driving cars will do a lot to improve safety on the road, but AeroMobile CEO Juraj Vaculik thinks the real solution is flying cars. After all, airplanes have always been the fastest way to travel. It’s possible that someday we will see self-driving flying cars.

AeroMobile’s flying car is essentially a car with a propeller attached to the back — kind of like a helicopter. It does not need a long runway to take off. Instead, it just needs a long stretch of grass. This is something that could be done at homes across the U.S. However, AeroMobile anticipates that grass strips would be needed throughout the city to make flying cars useful. There are obviously a lot of barriers to overcome as far as the logistics of making them possible.

If you’re interested in flying cars, keep your eye on Aeromobile and innovations in self-driving cars. It will only be a few more years before the idea starts to really take off.

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