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Honda & LG Energy Partners Up to Build Li-ion Battery Plant

Honda & LG Energy Partners Up to Build Li-ion Battery Plant

We’re increasingly seeing manufacturers diversifying their supply-chain risks by moving some part of their supply chain away from the foreign bottlenecks, Honda’s joint venture with LG Energy, plan to build a Lithium Ion battery plant in the U.S. to supply batteries for the Honda and Acura branded vehicles.

Manganese says, “Don’t You, Forget About Me…”

The focus for battery supply chains has been Lithium Ion supply, but another critical element for batteries is Manganese.

Amazon Swoops Into a Supply Chain Near You

Long-gone are the days where Amazon is considered an “online bookstore” (that’s so 1990’s), Amazon is now offering a supply chain as a service to help with the supply chain problems of the last few years.

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