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Human Resources Experts Cautiously Optimistic Looking Ahead in 2013

Human Resources Experts Cautiously Optimistic Looking Ahead in 2013
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According to the latest reports and research, hiring trends heading into the second quarter of 2013 are slowly, yet steadily, gaining momentum. One such report, the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey released by the Manpower Group, predicts that hiring overall in the United States will increase by 11 percent in quarter two. This is 1 percent less than quarter one of 2013, but is higher than the 10 percent hiring increase experienced during the second quarter of 2012.

This is good news for the economy, as well as a welcome announcement for those still unemployed after the severe recession, which led to layoffs and hiring freezes in almost every industry. According to the Manpower Group, three industries which are ready to begin opening up jobs to new employees are banking, housing, and the automotive industry. Only five percent of the companies surveyed for the report believe they will reduce staff in quarter two of 2013, the smallest number since the second quarter of 2000.

73 percent of the companies surveyed intend to maintain their current number of employees. The last time this number was so high was during the first quarter of 2011. Spokesman for the Manpower Group said the main focus for companies should be putting good management techniques in place so the company will have solid teams ready to take on new business ventures as the economy improves.

The overall trend heading into the remainder of 2013 is a gradual increase in hiring increases in major industries with fewer businesses being forced to lay off staff due to low profits. The report released by the Manpower Group is backed up by other reports from Glassdoor’s Employment Confidence Survey, CNN Money, and other specialists. Though the reports aren’t yet predicting wide scale hiring in the immediate future, the outlook for the economy and new jobs is positive.

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