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Mars and Nestlé Commit to a Cleaner Pet Food Supply Chain

Image via Flickr by Nestlé
After enduring substantial pressure to clean up their supply chains, pet food giants Mars and Nestlé have pledged to eliminate human rights abuses and illegally procured materials from their supply chains. Find out how this issue came to light and how Mars and Nestlé have committed to a cleaner pet food supply chain.

Situation: Greenpeace Launches Campaign Against Mars and Nestlé

For global companies like Mars and Nestlé, bad press can cause significant damage to the brand's reputation. That's why Greenpeace's 2016 campaign, Cats vs. Bad Tuna, garnered immediate attention from the pet food giants. This innovative campaign used the popularity of online cat videos and memes to raise awareness of the companies' problematic seafood sourcing methods and to lead the charge toward change.


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