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New Survey Concludes Supply Chain Managers Have too Many Priorities to Be Proficient

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Hitachi Consulting is a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd, and operates the global IT services and management consulting services for the company’s clients. Recently, Hitachi Consulting conduced a survey of companies operating in nine different countries around Europe. The survey identified a serious disconnect between the upper management of these companies and the workers who are in charge of the companies’ day-to-day operations. According to the survey results, upper managers are aware of how the supply chain provides values to the business, but they hold as many as fourteen different priorities at a time, making it impossible for those priorities to each be pursued with the vigor necessary for the supply chains to be successful. CEOs and other high-level managers were aware of how the people, processes, and technologies they employ factor into their performance, but lack a clear hierarchy within their supply chain priorities. 

Spokespeople from Hitachi Consulting concluded upper managers need to establish a clear picture of what their supply chain ought to look like, and then align their priorities and objectives within that framework. They then must deploy resources according to the priorities and objectives they have established as being most important. 

Jesper Jelmteg, Senior Vice President of the Industrial Sector of Hitachi Consulting, said upper managers need clear roadmaps for their supply chains. This allows them to set priorities and sequence changes within their supply chain management. Communication must be aligned at all levels, according to Jelmteg, from the boardroom down through the factory workers. 

Vice president of Supply Chains for Hitachi Consulting Cedric Parentelli also weighed in on the issue, stating that the supply chain management of an organization plays directly into the growth and profitability of the company. The report was released on Monday, January 13, through the news agency Newswire.

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