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Post-Brexit Woes for UK Car Makers

Post-Brexit Woes for UK Car Makers

A post-Brexit requirement by the EU requires 40% of electric vehicle parts to be sourced from the UK or EU, specifically for vehicle to be sold within the EU. Otherwise, those sales are hit with a 10% tariff. However, currently auto manufacturers are still importing the majority of batteries from Asia and won’t be able to comply in time for when these rules come into effect.

Leading to UK-based automakers asking for a delay in putting these rules into effect otherwise there is risk of car factories being shut down and even being moved out of the UK.

Old Becomes New

Bet you probably haven’t heard of Miguel McKelvey. He’s the other (lesser-known) co-founder of WeWork.

He’s recently bought clothing maker, American Giant.

He plans to bring manufacturing back to the US and even has a vision of where manufacturing jobs becomes a desirable career.

Meta Announces Its Own AI Chips

As AI dominates the news headlines, the power needed to keep our AI overlords appeased is astronomical.

Meta has recently announced they will develop and produce their own chip dedicated to running AI models.

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