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Sound the Alarm! Potential Beer Shortage!

New Balance Coming Back to America

While shoe maker, New Balance, has mostly produced their shoes overseas, but they have recently opened a new facility in Massachusetts to move some production closer to home.

Take a sneak peak at their new facilities.

Europe’s Energy Crisis is America’s Gain

With energy costs soaring in Europe (e.g. gas prices), European manufacturers of steel and fertilizer (as an example) are moving operations to the U.S. where energy prices are stabler.

Sound the Alarm! Potential Beer Shortage!

Due to a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) shortage caused by contamination in a CO2 reservoir in the Mississippi, brewers across the U.S. are bracing for production delays.

Luckily, I live in Canada so start stockpiling our beer! I might be persuaded to share a beer with friends down south. (Maybe).

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