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U.S. Lifts the Ban on Cuban Cigars

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After years of contention, relations between the U.S. and Cuba are finally improving. President Obama is following through on his promise to facilitate communication and work on lifting the embargo. Of course, that action will have to be officially approved by Congress before moving forward. However, some trade bans have already been lifted. People are most excited that Cuban cigars are now going to be allowed in the U.S.

Cuban cigars have long had a reputation for being the best cigars in the world. They’ve also been nearly impossible to get your hands on because they were illegal to possess in the U.S. New regulations set forth by the Obama administration make it easier to travel to Cuba and an influx of cigars will probably make their way into the U.S. as a result. According to lohud.com, people traveling home from Cuba will be allowed to bring with them up to $100 in cigars. Supply chain organizations have also been authorized to transport cigars and some other approved imports from Cuba.

The biggest reason that travel restrictions have been lifted is because it was part of a deal to get Cuba to release Alan Gross, a government subcontractor who has been imprisoned in Cuba for the past five years. The U.S. is also establishing an embassy in Havana to facilitate travel. Other moves are also expected as relations improve.

Experts say that it’s unlikely for Cuban cigars to be sold in U.S. stores for quite some time because it will take time to establish a supply chain. There are also other obstacles that must first be overcome, including pricing and marketing. However, it’s only a matter of time until you will be able to go down to your neighborhood smoke shop and buy some high quality Cuban cigar imports.

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