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UPS Conducts Survey of UK Online Shoppers and Finds Some Interesting Trends

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The global package delivery giant UPS has concluded a survey of European online shoppers, and the results may be interesting to online retailers all over the world. As more consumers are willing to shop online, and fewer depend solely on brick and mortar stores for their businesses, it is important to know what online shoppers are looking for in a business to stay ahead of the competition.


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According to the survey, the ease of returning an item bought online is a key issue for consumers. Almost half (47 percent) of shoppers are more likely to buy a product that is offered online, but would like the opportunity to be able to pick the item up in a local store rather than waiting for the product to be shipped from a distant facility. Well over half (58 percent) of shoppers desire the ability to buy products online, but want the option to return the item to their local store if they need to return or exchange the product.

In the UK, 45 percent of consumers use their smartphones to shop for products online. Tablet users accounted for 64 percent of the survey respondents. Another revelation of the UPS survey of UK consumers highlighted the customers’ willingness to follow the companies they do business with on social media. Over half of the respondents have liked or followed their favorite brands on Facebook, and out of these, 88 percent report that they keep up with the latest news from the companies they like and follow.

The ability to track the purchases they make after buying online was another important factor to consumers on the survey. 96 percent of UK consumers indicated that it was either nice or extremely important to them to have the ability to track their purchases from the retailer to their doorstep. The full survey report by UPS is available online. [/show_to]

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