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Will Apple Enter the Self-Driving Car Race?

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Google, General Motors, and Tesla are all working on self-driving cars. Now, there are rumors that Apple will enter the race. The Wall Street Journal reported that several Apple employees are working on project “Titan,” which is an electric vehicle in the minivan class. However, those rumors were not confirmed by Apple.

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Apple’s technology has already revolutionized the music and phone industry. So, it’s no surprise that their engineers would want to venture into automobiles, too. Apple has already created “CarPlay,” an app that links cars with smartphones. They also have several other products and technology that would transfer well to the automobile industry.

An unnamed source said several hundred employees in Cupertino, California, are currently working on a self-driving vehicle. However, Apple declined to comment on whether this is true or not. Apple has a track record of experimenting with technology and creating prototypes of things that they may or may not release to the public. Project “Titan” could be another one of these projects, to essentially test the waters about whether entering the self-driving car race is worth Apple’s time.

One thing is for sure — Apple is going to put a lot of research into their self-driving car before they ever tell the public that it’s in the works. They do this will all of their products. For instance, they didn’t rush to release their iPhone 6 by Christmas. Instead, they took the time to ensure it didn’t have any bugs. Other phone retailers, particularly Google, have a tendency to quickly release new products to be the first to release new technology.

Apple has been doing a lot of recruiting from the automotive industry. Even though Apple declined to comment, their moves lately definitely support the idea of them entering the self-driving car race. [/show_to]

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