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Yay, Shipping Backlogs Clearing Up! Oh Wait…

Shipping Rates Remain High, Forcing Businesses to Get Creative

As shipping rates still remain relatively high, businesses are being forced to become more creative in cutting down their shipping costs:

For example, owner of this Texas craft store, tweaked how online shipping rates were calculated on her e-commerce site, removed heavier items from the store and even bought a delivery van to reduce her supplier costs. [via The 21 Hats Morning Report]

Yay, Shipping Backlogs Clearing Up! Oh Wait…

The shipping backlog at the Port of L.A. is slowly getting cleared up.

While that’s good news in a sense, the reason why ports were able to catch up and clear up backlogs is because global demand for shipments has decreased considerably, so that’s not so good…

Decentralizing Chip Production

Much of the semiconductor chip production has been based in Asia (specifically Taiwan).

But as we’ve seen with the Global Pandemic, increasing tensions with China over Taiwan – that’s led to some dicey finger-biting about chip supply.

Now, we’re seeing some of the larger chip-makers, such as Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC), Samsung and Intel, beginning to invest in chip manufacturing in the U.S.

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