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  • How to form effective contracts with your vendors
  • Strategic sourcing tips
  • How to measure value obtained from your procurement processes
  • How to setup systems to evaluate tenders
  • Public sector procurement questions

What Is Your Time Worth?

Many business executives are thrust into the Procurement role without necessarily all the right tools and knowledge. Not to mention you’re already starved for time with your new (and most likely ADDED) responsibilities – it’s hard to just keep up with your day-to-day job (even more if you have a family to look after).You may be in charge of budgets in the multi-millions of dollars.That means each hour of the day needs to be spent very carefully and only on the most profitable areas. So each hour of your day may be valued at thousands of dollars.

If you want to achieve all of the above mentioned items it won’t cost you thousands of dollars. In fact it is just a drop in the water compared to the value of your time.

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