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Panasonic Acquires Supply Chain Software Company
Panasonic announced they will acquire large supply chain software company, Blue Yonder. The deal is valued at $7.1 billion. The[...]
Guess The Latest Product Shortage…
We've talked about the global shortage in semiconductor chips, but guess what's the latest product shortage? Who would have thought[...]
Why There Is a Global Chip Shortage
Global Pandemic? Don't tell semiconductor chip makers and the product manufacturers that need them. Supply chains aren't just dealing with[...]

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The New e-Commerce Supply Chain
The pandemic has forced many retailers to offer curbside pickup for online orders as a new option for their customers.[...]
Are Procurement Initiatives the Key to Closing the Gender Gap?
For years, international organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and the United Nations have advocated for[...]
How the Push to Buy American Could Impact the U.S. Defense Supply Chain
Many people strive to buy local, but for government agencies, purchasing American-made supplies and products is mandated by federal law.[...]