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How Small Manufacturers Can Manage Supply Chain Risk

We’ve been sharing a lot of news of how disrupted the global supply chain is recently, if this disruption is knocking the wind out of big companies, then what about the small manufacturer? We stumbled upon this whitepaper that might help provide some tips on how to manoeuver around and manage your supply chain risks,…
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When Will the Supply Chain Hurting Stop?

“A 40 ft container cost around $2,000 to ship from Asia to the USA two years ago…today, it can cost up to $25,000”, says John McCown of Blue Alpha Capital.  The backlog in the global supply chain is found at every…single…step. Industry players don’t see this changing or resolving itself until well into 2023. Of…
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Procurement Fraud for Nigeria’s Largest Oil Company

Vulnerabilities in the public procurement process for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) are being exposed in a recent bid. The public procurement process in Nigeria forbids any form of insider dealing or exploiting information that is not made public. However, a recent bid for slop oil seems to indicate that two of the three bidders…
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Hold on to your hats, supply chain woes may go into 2022

I know this is starting to sound like a bad repetitive song you can’t get out of your head but it looks like the current supply chain woes aren’t going to be resolved any time soon. As a many exporting nations such as Indonesia and Vietnam are dealing with new waves of the COVID pandemic,…
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