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Big Oil Investing in Carbon Management

Chipmaker, Arm files for IPO

Arm, the British chipmaker owned by Japan’s Softbank, saw Nvidia hit $13.5 billion in revenue in the most recent quarterly earnings report and though, “Hey, I want some of that too!”.

As the British chipmaker pivots to an AI-led strategy, they have filed for an IPO in New York instead of the UK.

Big Oil Investing in Carbon Management

As the world begins to move to electric for vehicles and transportation and the focus shifts to cleaner energy sources, Big Oil is investing heavily in carbon management which supposedly allows oil companies to continue using oil & gas without increasing carbon emissions.

US Automakers Face Potential Strike

Over 150,000 workers for GM, Ford and Stellantis are at risk of going on strike if a new four-year labor deal can’t be agreed upon by 14th September.

The estimated loss in earnings if workers go on strike at all three of these automakers could potentially add up to an economic loss of $5 billion…yikes.

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