Finding Suppliers Outside China

With the pandemic, we saw how over-reliance on Chinese suppliers exposed holes in supply chains. Add in trade & tarrif wars, it’s a smart move to look at contingency plans for your supply chain (if you haven’t already). But trying to find suppliers outside of China isn’t necessarily an easy task. Are you looking to…


Are you seeing this shift in Procurement?

There’s been a shift in procurement to provide more value other than simply focusing on price. While the shift in vision is commendable, are you seeing this shift in your own day-to-day job? What other ways are you trying to deliver value throug better procurement practices?

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Japan’s Three Major Ocean Carriers Plan to Merge in Mid 2017

The 2008 financial crisis put the global container industry in turmoil. Since then, the road to recovery has been long and difficult. Even A.P. Moeller-Maersk, the biggest shipping company in the world, has cut costs and adjusted its operations accordingly. Around the world, several ocean carrier mergers have occurred in order to keep companies in…

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Robots Now Run Dairy Farms

Farmers have been implementing new technology for decades. Today, some dairy farms can practically run themselves thanks to technological advances. Thanks to robotic milking machines, cows can roam freely and then go to a milking station when they need to be milked. This automated process saves farmers a lot of time and allows them to…