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Canada Wants in On EV Supply Chain

Intel Foundry Partners with ARM to Make Next-Gen Mobile Chips

Intel’s Intel Foundry Services unit, has partnered with British chip maker, ARM Ltd, to manufacture next-generation mobile chips.

As chip demand surges around the world, we may see more and more chip rivals collaborating with each other (which is great to see).

Canada Wants in On EV Supply Chain

Foxconn, the massive Taiwanese manufacturer for clients such as Apple, is looking to diversify their production outside of China.

Canada’s federal government is eyeing a piece of this pie. While there’s no confirmed commitment yet, there’s high chance Foxconn could consider adding Canada to add potential batter production facilities.

Canadian Canola Oil Producers Say Yes to BioFuels

Speaking of Canada, Canadian canola oil producers are set to increase production due to increased demand for biofuels.

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