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Facebook Launches Its Own “Buy” Button

Facebook Launches Its Own “Buy” Button
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Facebook is still the most popular social network on the Internet. It has more than 500 million active users and is still growing. That’s why Facebook has long been the marketing target for businesses. Businesses can reach millions of potential customers through this social network without spending a ton of money. All they need to do is create an interesting and compelling Facebook post that users want to share with each other. If a business’s post goes viral, sales typically go up, too. Of course, converting Facebook users into sales is still very tricky. To make it easier, Facebook recently launched its own “Buy” button.

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The “Buy” button came about because merchants were looking for an easier way to tap into the power of Facebook. Now, instead of clicking on a post and then having to click through to a business’s website to make a purchase, Facebook users can do all of this from the Facebook platform. Facebook teamed with Shopify to make this possible. Merchants can set everything up through their Shopify account without any additional charges by installing the Facebook channel. The program is still in beta.

Facebook is not the first platform to introduce a call-to-action button. Back in September, Twitter started the trend. Pinterest recently announced that they are introducing “Buy It” buttons through Shopify. And, Google plans to roll out a similar program this year for users to buy items directly through the search engine. Merchants need to jump on these opportunities while they are new to harness the power of social-media driven sales.

The new “Buy” button offers benefits to both merchants and Facebook users. Customers can quickly get the items they want and merchants can see increased sales because it’s easier to reach customers. These buy buttons are particularly useful for mobile users who have a more difficult time making purchases because of screen size and security.


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