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How Can Technology Help Manage Supply Chain Shocks

How Can Technology Help Manage Supply Chain Shocks

The last few years has thrown a lot of obstacles at supply chains.

From a global pandemic, Houthi rebels, bridge collapses and climate events.

Here’s a look at how technology such as AI and the access to data (analytics) can help manage and mitigate supply chain crises.

Biden Continues His Chip Manufacturing Sales Tour

We’ve written a lot about chips, semiconductors and how governments such as the US and Canada are clamoring to get a piece of chip manufacturing investment in their respective countries.

This time around, the US Federal Government is shelling out $75M to a subsidiary of South Korea’s SK Group, to help build a glass parts for semiconductors factory in Georgia.

Another step in Biden’s plans to bring manufacturing back to American shores while also hoarding his precious semiconductor chips.

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