Obama Targets Big Truck Fuel Mileage: What Does This Mean for Business?

Image via Flickr by Kolin Toney

On Tuesday Feb. 18, President Obama announced new regulations for big trucks and fuel economy. In his recent address, the president stated:

“Heavy-duty trucks account for just 4 percent of all the vehicles on the highway. […] But they’re responsible for about 20 percent of carbon pollution in the transportation sector. So trucks like these are responsible for about 20 percent of our on-road fuel consumption. And because they haul about 70 percent of all domestic freight — 70 percent of the stuff we use, everything from flat-screen TVs to diapers to produce to you name it — every mile that we gain in fuel efficiency is worth thousands of dollars of savings every year.”This article is for Premium Members only. Please login below to read the rest of this article.

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