As a busy Procurement & Supply Chain Professional, your TIME is valuable. There’s just not enough hours in the day for everything you have to do and manage and still be an INFORMED executive.

But you still need to:

  • Stay on top of what’s going on in the industry
  • What’s going on with your competitors
  • Staying up-to-date on relevant issues
  • Know the latest tips and techniques
  • Network with your peers
  • See what your peers are doing
  • Perform your job to your best ability

Procurement Bulletin’s Premium Membership helps you achieve all of this.

What Is Your Time Worth?

You may be in charge of budgets in the multi-millions of dollars.

That means each hour of the day needs to be spent very carefully and only on the most profitable areas. So, each hour of your day may be valued at thousands of dollars.

If you want to achieve all of the above mentioned items it won’t cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, it is just a drop in the water compared to the value of your time.

You can get started for FREE for the first 3o days.

Negotiations & Procurement Terminology Cheat Sheets
Free Bonuses: Negotiations & Procurement Terminology Cheat Sheets


Free Bonuses

Become a Premium Member today and also receive these free bonuses:

  1. Key Procurement Terminology Cheat Sheet – a portable reference to key terms and jargon in Procurement
  2. Effective Negotiations Cheat Sheet – 8 powerful negotiation tactics that are useful in ANY negotiation

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Here’s what you receive:

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News – daily news articles so you know what’s going on in the industry Not Included Included
Featured articles – featured articles and tips so you can apply them in your job as quick as possible Not Included Included
Case Studies – learn what and how your peers are doing Not Included Included
Webinars & Videos – covering important relevant issues and distilled for you so only the important issues are presented to you Not Included Included
Audios – covering important relevant issues and distilled for you so only the important issues are presented to you Not Included Included
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Special Discounted Prices on Live Events Not Included Included
Unlimited Access to the Library of Archived Content – so you may look up any new article, tip, case study or resource you may have missed Not Included Included
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So, for just the price of ONE nice dinner you can keep yourself informed and add value to your company (and career). Can you afford NOT to be a Premium Member?