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Dealing with Baltimore’s Bridge Collapse

Dealing with Baltimore’s Bridge Collapse

Supply chains just can’t catch a break.

After obstacles resulting from the pandemic, the recent Baltimore bridge disaster is sending logistics and supply chains that go through Baltimore’s port scrambling to figure out work arounds to get supply moving again.

It’s not been easy.

The trucking industry has been hit hard by the bridge collapse. Trucking companies are struggling to get their drivers and loads where they need to be while trying to bleed less cash at the same time.

Re-routing to longer routes means higher costs, costs which customers aren’t willing to pay.

Biden says, “No Chinese Steel for You!”

As Joe Biden tries to woo the state of Pennsylvania, where US Steel is based, he’s thinking of tripling tariffs (from 7.5% to 25%) on Chinese steel & aluminum imports.

Nothing to see here…

The Chip Wars They Have Begun (Said Yoda…maybe)

U.S. President Joe Biden has awarded Samsung grants worth US$6.4 billion to entice the chip-maker to expand production within the U.S., including a manufacturing hub in Texas.

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