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Transportation Company Saves Huge on Fuel Costs

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Fuel consumption has become an overhanging issue within the transportation sector. The matter rests on the need to fulfill ecological standards as well as saving the parent or host company sufficient amounts of funding that is better used elsewhere.

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Matt Farrall of Farrall’s Transports has saved an incredible amount of money after installing Dynafleet into 48 of their trucks approximately 2 years ago. The system allows the company to track their transport vehicles via satellite navigation systems. It carefully monitors where the vehicle is, the amount of time spent en route, monitor the driving style of the operator – including break patterns and rate of acceleration, while also calculating fuel consumption.

Matt Farrall has stated that the company, Farrall Transports, has both saved and generated an incredible sum of money after installing the product. The telematics computing software will aid the company in finding fleet vehicles that are not utilized enough and allow them to put these vehicles to the forefront while reducing the amount of miles driven and idle time running down the engines of the vehicles.

By reducing the unnecessary mileage and monitoring the patterns of the drivers, Farrall’s Transports has given themselves the opportunity to reduce their overhead costs as a company. They can now adhere to the ever-changing environmental guidelines by watching their fuel consumption and looking how their drivers are draining their fuel.

Coupled with the company’s Driver CPC Compliance training, the telematics system can help minimize the fuel budget, which is approximately 28-30 percent within most transportation companies. By installing this system, the company is able to track the CPC compliance training’s resilience. If their training holds true and they are reducing the amount of fuel and hazards that can present themselves upon driving, they will have an idea where the extra fund expenditures should come into play. If the CPC training programs are not holding up to standards, the company will also be able to tell which areas need adjustment to better utilize the funds being plugged into the training of transport operators.

For other companies to follow in the footsteps of Farrall’s transport monitoring system, would aid in capitalize on the costs saved from reduced fuel cost output. The current thought process towards fuel consumption is becoming increasingly conservative as the prices begin to rise and companies begin putting their research faculties to use finding a different methods to creating more fuel-efficient or alternative fuel dependent vehicles.

Farrall’s Transports has taken an incredible leap towards optimizing fleet transport. The system of monitoring will help increase employee incentives as well as helping the company utilize their funding. By watching where the operators are utilizing most of their faculties, the company will be able to initiate incentives to help the teams move more efficiently with a higher sense of company and mission loyalty. This alone will cut costs for Farrall since they will not have to retrain different potentials who may not have as firm a grasp on the company’s overall mission or an understanding of how the telematic system, Dynafleet, works.

The company has put their plan into play and is leading the pack when it comes to increasing industry standards and cost efficiency. Utilizing fuel conserving methods is only part of the positive adjustments from Farrall’s Transports. [/show_to]

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