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Where’s the Beef?

Small to Mid-Sized Chinese Factories Show Growth

While there’s been lots of coverage about how manufacturers are trying to diversify their reliance on Chinese manufacturing, the outflow of customers from the larger Chinese factories doesn’t seem to be the same as the small to mid-sized factories who are experiencing growth.

Where’s the Beef?

If you noticed your grocery bill has been astronomical over the past year or two, especially steaks and burgers, you’re not imagining things.

Due to poor environmental conditions, it has been harder and more expensive for farmers to produce beef.

Resulting in expensive steak and burgers (burgers happen to be one of my favorite food groups, noooooooooo).

IKEA, Swedish for M&A?

IKEA, acquired US-based supply chain software vendor, Made4net, in efforts to boost its e-commerce offering.

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