Automotive Heavy Hitters Join Forces to Form DRIVE Sustainability

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A Look at Investments on the Thames

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Subway Moves Cookie Production to Europe

Image via Flickr Will Will

Subway is an international brand. They have franchise locations throughout the U.S. and Europe. Subway is known for their sandwiches, but they also sell cookies, chips, drinks, and other add-on items to support their profits. Previously, all of their cookies were produced in the U.S. and shipped to franchises around the world. However, Subway decided to strengthen their supply chain by moving some cookie production to Germany. [Read more…]

Global Pricing Scheme for Carbon Emissions Possible in U.N.

Global Pricing Scheme for Carbon Emissions Possible in U.N.

Image via Flickr by Señor Codo

Renewable energy is a major focus in Europe right now, particularly in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. These countries want to lower their dependence on fossil fuels, eliminate carbon emissions, and make changes that prevent global warming. Some U.N. companies are speaking out in a big way, asking officials to create a global pricing scheme for carbon emissions. [Read more…]

Google Opens First Retail Store

Image via Flickr by Yahoo Inc

Amazon recently opened their first retail store on the campus of Purdue University. Now, Google is following suit with a retail store of their own. These e-commerce giants realize that there is still power in having physical retail space. They are testing whether these small retail stores will improve their supply chain power and strengthen their online brands. [Read more…]

Norway Has the Most Resilient Supply Chain

Image via Flickr by Leshaines123

According to the 2015 FM Global Resilience Index, Norway has the most resilient supply chain of any country around the world. The index ranks 130 countries based on their risk mitigation plans, geographic position, investments, and economic stability. Norway scored so well because the country has minimal exposure to natural disasters, in addition to their economy and supply chain investments. [Read more…]

Germany Continues to Push for Renewable Energy

Image via Flickr by reynermedia

Half of Germany’s electricity is produced by coal and gas power plants. However, the country is pushing for more renewable energy sources. In 2014, the share of renewables in their energy sector increased by 3 percent and fossil fuel use dropped by 7 percent. 2014 also marks the first year in decades where CO2 emissions in Germany were on the decline. Germany aims to lower electricity prices and their environmental impact with a push for renewable energy. [Read more…]

The U.S. Lifts Ban on Beef Imports from Ireland

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Tesco Makes Changes to Improve Their Value Chain

Image via Flickr by Gordon Joly

Tesco is one of the largest chain grocery stores in the world. They have thousands of locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. However, they have been suffering profit losses for more than two years. CEO Dave Lewis announced a massive plan to cut costs by closing 43 stores, withdrawing from certain markets, selling some assets, and taking a closer look at Tesco’s supply chain. [Read more…]

The Modern Slavery Bill will Reform UK Supply Chains

Image via Flickr by Joe Goldberg

Businesses often don’t take the time to research the small details of their logistics and manufacturing. They make decisions based on costs projected by their vendors and subcontractors. This means vendors have been able to get away with practices that are not acceptable, such as slavery. [Read more…]