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A David & Goliath Shipping Story

A David & Goliath Shipping Story

We’ve already seen how shipping companies have jacked up shipping rates to skyhigh rates.

Here’s a story of a modest sized importer, OJ Commerce, going up against a shipping giant, Hamburg Süd, (a subsidiary of Maersk).

Retailers Are Confident Xmas is a Go

With the last few year’s supply chain issues, there was worry that retailers would have problems stocking shelves for the Xmas buying season.

But, luckily, looks like supply chain and shipping backlogs are easing and retailers are well-stocked for this Xmas season.

So, you can confidently buy those gifts (although there is this inflation-thing that might hinder the holidays).

Could Machine Learning Help with Commodities?

As demand for Lithium surges to supply us with batteries for our devices and vehicles, research is being performed with the help of machine learning to possibly develop new types of metals to help in our increasing demand for metals.

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