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Accenture Acquires Consulting Firm Javelin Group

Accenture Acquires Consulting Firm Javelin Group
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In May 2015, Accenture Federal Services announced that they had acquired Javelin Group. Specific details about the deal were not disclosed to the public. With the acquisition, Accenture plans to expand their capabilities to better help companies and brands with digital transformations, particularly in the international market. The deal is subject to regulatory approval, but no hold ups are expected.

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Javelin Group is a retail strategy consulting firm that provides companies with all sorts of digital services; the most important is digital transformations. They were founded in London in 1997 and had reached roughly 160 employees before the acquisition. Javelin Group is based in the U.K., but more than half of their clients come from elsewhere in the world. They are a global leader in omni-channel retail planning, digital performance analysis, digital brand transformations, and global expansion.

Accenture Strategy Executive Mark Knickrehm said, “The acquisition of Javelin Group will help Accenture Strategy reinforce our ability to deliver large scale transformation in the retail industry.” He went on to say that the acquisition will also strengthen their portfolio of industry knowledge and digital capabilities and make Accenture Strategy increasingly relevant in a market that demands sector specific strategies and solutions.

Other representatives from Accenture went on to say that Javelin Group has a unique set of skills that will make Accenture a better company. The acquisition places Accenture in a better place to become an industry leader in the fast growing retail market on an international level.

Earlier this year, Accenture acquired Agilex, another digital service provider. The difference was that Agilex focused almost solely on the U.S. federal government. This shows that Accenture has been making a lot of changes lately to improve their brand and service offerings. Businesses looking to improve their digital marketing, particularly their ecommerce sector have found Accenture to be a major help.


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