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Against the Hands of Time: Has Apple Cornered the Market on Smart Watches?

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The Apple Watch hasn’t made its debut yet, but many believe it has already cornered the market on smart watches. Why? Because everyone anticipates that the Apple Watch will be more functional and fashionable than any other smart watch already on the market. Everyone is eagerly awaiting for the Apple Watch to be available in stores.


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Apple’s Approach to the Smart Watch

Smart watches are already being sold by Samsung, Motorola, and LG. However, Apple is taking a different approach by putting lots of time and money into research and development before releasing a product to the public. They hope this will put the Apple Watch in a position to wow the market when it finally comes out in 2015. Apple plans to have more features and better functionality than any other device. There’s definitely something to be said about creating something right the first time, but that’s not the way Apple’s competitors see it.

How Other Smart Watches Have Entered the Market

Most technology companies fight to be the first to release a product to the public. They think that they sooner they get something out there, the better opportunity they have to sell. Google wants their smartphone watch to grab the market before Apple has even had a chance to compete. The same thing happened with the PC, the tablet, and the smartphone — Apple didn’t enter the market until they had perfected their products. Apple is still known for quality and plans to take the same approach with their smart watch.

Erik Hyrkas of Tech Void thinks Apple’s approach is not smart because they are going to miss out on all of the holiday sells for 2014. They might be introducing some pretty cool features, such as a wireless recharging mechanism, but people might be too broke to buy it since they spent all of their money a few months earlier for Christmas. However, if Apple’s plan works, they will definitely corner the market on smart watches.

Things to Expect from the Apple Watch

Apple hasn’t released a statement detailing the features on their smart watch, but we can expect some pretty great things. It’s expected to be a rectangle with rounded corners to accommodate a large screen. The design will be seamless and as small as possible without compromising functionality. Apple experts from Computer World also say the strap clasp system will be very good. Apple wants their smart watch to become an extension of the user’s body.

People don’t expect the Apple Watch to have GPS and some fear the interface will be too difficult to maneuver because icons will most likely be small. Additionally, the Apple Watch will probably sell for in the ballpark of $350 per unit. Of course, there are obstacles with every new product, but Apple seams to do a better job of eliminating them before the competition.

If Apple’s smart watch is as remarkable as expected, it should do very well in the market. Apple did it with their iPad and computer, so don’t count them out. Plus, there is a growing number of Apple supporters who will never go back to the competition. [/show_to]

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