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Amazon Files Patent for Delivery Trucks with 3D Printers

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Several companies are investigating 3D printing because it could revolutionize the supply chain industry. Instead of having items made in a third-world country and then shipped around the world, 3D printing opens up the possibility of making products anywhere and minimizing shipping needs. This means 3D printing could save companies millions of dollars each year in transportation and storage costs. One company that sees the value in 3D printing is Amazon.

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Amazon has partnered with several companies to research 3D printing. Mixee Labs has been a key partner. Amazon knows how to stay ahead of the curve in everything related to supply chain. After all, they are the most successful ecommerce provider in the world. Amazon now wants to expand and scale their services to 3D printed objects, too. Their dedication to 3D printing research does seem to be paying off because they just filed for a patent on delivery truck 3D printing.

The patent is no surprise because Amazon is dedicated to getting products shipped to consumers as fast as possible and 3D printers in delivery trucks would revolutionize this potential. Amazon uses a variety of logistics providers, but they do have their own fleet of trucks. Additionally, Amazon has some pretty crazy and new ideas that seem to be working in shipping, such as their one-hour delivery service in Manhattan. 3D printing is not the only thing they are working on.

The patent has not been approved  yet and it may not be successful since Amazon did not invent 3D printing. However, it does show the direction that many companies are going. There will probably be a surge in the amount of 3D printed objects that are for sell. You can make all sorts of things with 3D printers and the limitations are being lifted with all of the new research. In the future, 3D printing might be commonplace out of your home. [/show_to]

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