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Amazon May Soon Set Aside Warehouse Shelf Space for Its Next Device

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Amazon is just days away from the alleged launch of its highly anticipated smartphone. The 3D device, that will likely debut on June 18, could change the game when it comes to the future of smartphone concepts. It could also transform the way consumers think of tech companies.

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The New York Times notes, “Amazon has spent the last several years furiously investing billions of dollars on multiple fronts: constructing warehouses all over the country to deliver goods as fast as possible, building devices as varied as tablets and set-top boxes, and creating and licensing entertainment to stock those devices.”

The company has set a standard for online marketplaces and distribution. Now, with its upcoming smartphone, Amazon will change the way consumers see their phones – literally.

According to Forbes, “The most interesting thing about Amazon’s rumored smartphone is a feature that will track your eye movement across its screen to create 3D images of the items that capture your attention.”

Amazon isn’t new to tech manufacturing. The prospective 3D smartphone would simply add to the warehouse shelf space that the company reserves for its own products.

The Week states, “Since 2007, when it released its first Kindle e-reader, Amazon has developed Kindle Fire tablets and Fire TV, a $99 TV box for watching digitally delivered shows and movies, which has not yet been released outside the U.S. Its emphasis has previously been on producing a basic, good-value product.”

While the eventual device is being hyped for its key 3D feature, it likely isn’t the only one the company is investing in. Sources predict the phone may build on Amazon’s software strategy – the likes of which debuted on the company’s Kindle devices. It’s an approach that would make the marketplace giant a well-rounded tech company and one that could potentially compete with the other multi-device titans such as Apple and Google. [/show_to]

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