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Apple Expands India Production

Raw Materials Trade Tifts Hit EV Production Again

As the world slowly migrates to electrifying vehicles, the fight for the raw materials for producing EV vehicles continues: China, the leading graphite producer, implemented new restrictions on the export of graphite.

China’s graphite exports account for a third of the U.S. graphite supply and no doubt the restrictions are just another move to counter the U.S.’s trade restrictions going the other way.

Apple Expands India Production

In its continuing diversification of the supply chain outside of China, Apple is expanding its production of iphones in India. While China remains the largest producer of iphones, Apple is looking to be less reliant on one area for production.

Moving production to India is not a simple and easy task though, as the country is fraught with obstacles such as unreliable infrastructure and powerful labor unions. [via Grit Capital]

Can Detroit Reinvent Itself as the Hero of Electrification?

Keeping with the EV theme this week, one of the biggest constraints of migrating to electric vehicles is the availability of charging infrastructure.

But Detroit may be leading the way the first electrified roadway, providing wireless charging to EV’s.

Before you have images of being electrocuted walking on the road, these electrified roadways are safe for pedestrians and animals.

While current EV’s are not built to wirelessly charge, they would need receivers installed to take advantage of these electrified roads.

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