How Small Manufacturers Can Manage Supply Chain Risk

We’ve been sharing a lot of news of how disrupted the global supply chain is recently, if this disruption is knocking the wind out of big companies, then what about the small manufacturer? We stumbled upon this whitepaper that might help provide some tips on how to manoeuver around and manage your supply chain risks,…

A Refresher on “The Procurement Management Process”

A Refresher on “The Procurement Management Process”

The Procurement Management Process is an effective way to make your procurement function a competitive advantage. Here’s a quick refresher of the steps in the Procurement Management Process: Statement of need or request for purchase Stratefic sourcing Purchasing Contract management Supplier relationship management [Read more about the Procurement Management Process here]

What will change for Public-sector procurement after Brexit?

Brexit news has kind of fallen into the background amid the COVID-19 pandemic but it’s still a big issue for the UK and the rest of Europe. For procurement professionals, you might be wondering what (if anything) will change when it comes to public-sector procurement in a post Brexit world? You can find some guidance…