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CEO of Bentley Motors Speaks Out About Lack of Supply Chain

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The chief executive officer of luxury automotive manufacturer Bentley Motors, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, has spoken publically about the country’s lack of basic supplier infrastructure when it comes to supplying needed parts for automakers. According to Schreiber, the country’s government is doing a good thing by providing £1 for the into low-carbon engines for their automotive makers, but there is virtually no attention paid to the “basics” that would make the industry successful. 

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Schreiber listed basic metal parts, automotive sealants, and rubber parts as examples. According to him, there are not enough suppliers in the country to make and supply these parts to automakers, and the future of the industry there is not sustainable. He recommends spending more on education and other initiatives to vamp up this supply chain, which is critical to the industry.

Bentley Motors employs 4,000 people and supplies luxury vehicles to 58 countries around the globe. Additionally, the brand has launched a line of handbags as well as high-end home furnishings, both of which carry the coveted name Bentley. Schreiber said that though the parts supply chain seems very simple, it is extremely crucial for the success of the automotive industry.

Schreiber began his career as a maker of small tools in Germany during the 1970s. He said the key to his success, as well as the success of the country’s automotive industry, is basic skills and education. He would like to see the government invest more in training initiatives to arm local workers with the skills to provide local automakers with the parts they need.

Schreiber also identified mechantronics as an area in which the country is lacking. According to him, this hybrid of mechanics and electronics is growing in importance when it comes to making automobiles that the public wants to buy. Bentley Motors operates in Crew, England, and is known for outfitting the likes of the Queen of England and the fictitious James Bond with high-end automobiles. Their new sedan designed for Chinese customers, the Flying Spur, launched just this year, and their SUV is expected to hit the marketplace in 2016. [/show_to]

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