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Charges Filed Against Intelligent Decisions Inc. After Procurement Scam

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At the end of October 2014, a former Army contracting official was sentenced to four years in prison for accepting bribes in exchange for contracts. Now, Intelligent Decisions Inc. is accused of being involved in the kickbacks by giving the Army procurement official free meals, entertainment, and even a car. There is an acceptable amount of money an agency can spend when trying to win a government contract because of travel costs and meeting with the appropriate people, but giving away a car is obviously a bribe.Two criminal counts were filed by the U.S. attorney’s office against Intelligent Decisions Inc. The defense company has not announced whether they plan to plead guilty or fight the charges yet. It’s also unclear whether the criminal counts will cause Intelligent Decisions Inc. to lose out on future government contracts. Procurement code does not allow the government to do business with contractors that act unethically.

As is typically after a massive scam, Intelligent Decisions Inc. has decided to change their leadership scheme in an attempt to get rid of any corruption. The defense firm is also cooperating with the justice Department and seems willing to make the necessary changes to resolve any possible scams and still make themselves available for government contracts. Intelligent Decisions Inc. now has a new Chief Executive — Joe Armstrong, former financial officer.

Investigations are still underway to figure out who at Intelligent Decisions Inc. was involved in the procurement scam and any other related cases. Then, additional charges are expected to arise. King Everett Johnson was recently found to be involved in bribe scams at Intelligent Decisions Inc. Prosecutors expect him to face six months to a year in prison because of his cooperation. Bribery cases have been known to go higher than 15 years.

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