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China’s Chips

The World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Plant Planned

There’s a new race going on, the AI race.

South Korea’s SK’s renewable energy division is planning to build a US$15 billion green hydrogen plant in Canada’s Newfoundland and Labrador.

The plant will use wind energy to produce clean energy.

Upon completion, the plant would be the world’s largest green hydrogen plant.

China’s Chips

As the Biden administration stacks on the restrictions of supplying semiconductor chips to China, China is pushing forward with their own semiconductor development, case in point the latest phone by Huawei powered by China’s own SMIC chip.

Octopus Energy Expands Market Share

UK energy supplier, Octopus Energy, will be acquiring Shell’s household energy and broadband business unit.

Octopus Energy is the UK’s second largest energy supplier behind British Gas. With the acquisition, it will also help Octopus Energy expand its share in the German market as well.

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