Could We See an End to China’s Dominance of Rare Earth Metals?

Image via Flickr by Quadrofonic Wingnut

Rare earth metals are a group of elements found with moderate abundance in the core of the earth. There are 17 rare metals, 15 in a group called lanthanides plus yttrium and scandium. These elements are essential in many manufactured products, including catalytic converters for automobiles, certain petroleum refining equipment, television sets, cell phones, portable DVD players, laptops and rechargeable batteries for a wide array of products, including hybrid and electric vehicles, wind turbine generators and a variety of medical devices. Rare earth metals are also needed for many items necessary for national defence, including fighter jet engines, missile guidance systems, antimissile defense mechanisms, satellites and communications systems.This article is for Premium Members only. Please login below to read the rest of this article.

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