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Electrifying Delivery

No Need to Hoard Halloween Candy

There were fears candy makers could not keep up with demand of their candies and wanted to temper people’s expectations for upcoming Halloween.

This announcement nearly caused candy hoarding like it was toilet paper in 2019-20.

But it looks like those fears were mostly unwarranted, there will be enough candy available for Halloween, just might not be in a Halloween-themed packaging.

So, as you were, nothing to see here.

Small Businesses Reshoring Their Supply Chain

The supply chain chaos brought on by the global pandemic has certainly tested many businesses’ supply chains.

Small businesses such obVus Solutions were hit hard when their manufacturers in China couldn’t send them products due to shut downs in China.

So, they pivoted and reshored everything back to the US.

Looks like many business small and big are considering this in order to mitigate supply chain risks.

Electrifying Delivery

As more and more logistics companies shift their vehicles to electric, this is an interesting look from DHL’s drivers on the ground and what they think of the electrification of the delivery vehicles they drive.

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