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Europe Turns Gas Crisis Into Renewable Energy Revolution

Europe Turns Gas Crisis Into Renewable Energy Revolution

In an amazing display of action, Europe has turned its gas crisis from just a year ago into a revolution of clean energy.

At the end of 2022, Europe’s combined renewable energy production (wind and solar) overtook natural gas.

Breakthrough in Battery Recycling

One of the biggest criticisms of electric vehicles (I own one!) is what happens to the battery once it’s lifecycle is over?

Toronto company, Electra Battery Materials Corp, has made a breakthrough in how electric vehicle batteries can be recycled.

When You Think of San Francisco, You Think of…Manufacturing???

When you hear about San Francisco you, the first image in your head is probably Silicon Valley and tech companies.

But now, they want you to start thinking about manufacturing.

Maybe that can be Zuck’s next project, Meta-manufacturing…

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