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Finland Abundant with Clean Energy

Finland Abundant with Clean Energy

With the war in Ukraine affecting energy prices in Europe in recent times and many countries in Europe worried about an energy crisis and whether they could pay for heating and cooling, Finland has had a completely different experience: an abundance of clean energy.

In fact, Finland had such an abundance of clean energy this past week, it caused clean energy prices into the negative (for just a short moment).

Canada Slow to Ramp Up Mineral Mining

As part of their commitment to clean energy supply, Canada’s ability to provide mineral mining for EV batteries is crucial for this plan.

But, Australian mining company, Ring of Fire Metals, which has the rights to Eagle’s Nest mine in Canada, is finding the approval process from the Canadian government to go ahead with mining to be too slow.

Solar Power Investment to Outpace Oil Investment

Via Grit Capital, the International Energy Administration expects solar power investment to outpace spending on oil production this year.

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