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Global Rigid Plastic Packaging Market to Grow Heavily in Developing Countries

Global Rigid Plastic Packaging Market to Grow Heavily in Developing Countries
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According to the Global Rigid Plastic Packing Market 2013-2023 analysis and report conducted by the company Visingain, the market is expected to grow by $161.11 during the year 2013. Most of the growth will occur in developing markets, where labor costs are low and the countries are experiencing rapid growth. The analysis predicts an increase in both the quality and quantity of consumer purchases within these markets.

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Though this growth in rigid plastic packaging is expected to increase the overall market shares of the industry across the globe, less growth is expected in developed countries, especially in the struggling economic climate of Europe. The world-wide economic crisis has brought down the overall package consumption, but has caused an increase in the rigid plastic packing industry in particular.

The growth is driven by consumer demands for convenient products, quality products, and products that are most affordable. Sustainability is also expected to play a factor in the growth of the industry. The overall trend for the rigid plastic packing market around the world in the long-term is a greater variety of products available for lower prices.

The trend is being driven by the increase in disposable incomes in developing countries, where labor costs are still low. However, the report does cite problems in these markets, such as their relative immaturity in production. The report can be viewed as a glimpse into the heart of the shaky economic situation, where parts of the world are learning to tap into resources to build and produce wealth as much of the developed world struggles to recover from the world-wide economic recession.

Visingain, the authors of the analysis and report, is an independent company specializing in business information for the pharmaceutical industry, the defense industry and the telecommunications industry. [/show_to]

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