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IBM and JDA Collaborate on Supply Chain Project

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Technology guru IBM and logistics expert JDA Software Group Inc. are teaming up to provide shippers with an omni-channel supply chain system. It will help shippers make decisions based on real-time data and provide customers with the best possible fulfillment options.

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IBM and JDA said their project will provide a comprehensive view across several supply chain channels for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. This will help customers make delivery decisions based on store locations, labor costs, and fulfillment barriers. Essentially, IBM and JDA are giving customers a tool to help them save costs at every point in the supply chain.

One of the biggest advantages to IBM and JDA’s supply chain project is that it provides a clear view of inventory levels in both warehouses and retail stores. This makes it easier for suppliers to fulfill same day delivery service, as well as pick from store fulfillment.

This supply chain project has been in the works for most of 2014. IBM brings Distributer Order Management to the project while JDA’s experience in the supply chain industry has been invaluable for optimizing the system. Of course, the supply chain project does not end at simply giving an overview of current inventory levels, it also forecasts demand for the future, helping retailers know what to buy and store in their own warehouses. This means stores can better calculate their profit capability before sales.

JDA VP Scott Welty said, “The new offering for retailers with this is the realization of an enhanced end-to-end shopping experience delivered from order placement to delivery, done so, on time and on budget.” Omni-channel retailers have not been able to use this supply chain system yet, but JDA and IBM are looking to implement it in the near future. Order fulfillment is going to see a major change for the better in the next couple of years as the system rolls out. [/show_to]

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