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JDA and Google Team Up to Create Strategic Cloud Collaboration

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JDA Software Group is one of the leading providers of retail and supply chain planning solutions. The company serves more than 4,000 customers around the world. JDA does this by creating customized solutions for each customer to help control costs, optimize processes, and maximize revenue at every point in the supply chain. JDA prides itself on innovation and is constantly looking for ways to improve its product and service offerings, like its recent switch to a new cloud platform.

JDA Turns to Google

After carefully weighing its options, JDA chose to use Google’s cloud platform to enhance existing JDA products. JDA believes that Google’s scalability and history of innovation are a perfect match for the culture and quality standards at JDA. Executive Vice President at JDA Software Serge Massicotte said, “Google Cloud Platform offers the unparalleled speed, performance, scalability, and reliability we need to launch truly differentiated solutions.”

Vice President of Technology at JDA Software John Sarvari stated that information is the most important aspect of JDA’s ability to deliver actionable results to its customers. The Google Cloud Platform is so robust that more data will become available to customer, which further enhances the possible solutions that JDA can offer. This allows for better scale and speed than ever before, especially in terms of forecasting for customers.

More Features Offered By Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform offers JDA a reliable and powerful backend system, which will be used as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. This means that JDA will not have to spend time creating a cloud system of its own. Not only will this save JDA time, but it will also save the company money. JDA has a 50-person team driving its JDA Labs and product innovation initiatives, but Google will accelerate the innovation process.

In the past, JDA would use overnight batch jobs to generate replenished orders for customers. With Google Cloud Platform, that time is cut down to mere minutes. JDA can now process 50,000 point-of-sale transactions per minute or in real time. It’s highly unlikely that JDA could have come up with this sort of solution on its own, at least not this quickly.

Shared Culture of Innovation

On top of the fact that Google Cloud Platform is fast and reliable, JDA also appreciates the culture of innovation inherent to Google. Innovation is a passion that JDA and Google share. Both companies focus a large amount of time on research and development to continually offer customers bigger and better products. This is clear from the sheer number of patent applications that both companies submit each year. Both companies also invest significant funds into innovation. JDA has a $125 million budget for this, and Google invests a lot more.

Because of the shared culture, JDA and Google create a solid partnership that is mutually beneficial. It will be interesting to see what the duo comes up with in terms of product offerings for customers in the near future. Supply chain inventory management has never looked easier or faster than it does with the help of JDA and Google.

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