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Kohl’s Adds Store Pickup for Online Ordering

Kohl’s Adds Store Pickup for Online Ordering
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Kohl’s has decided that store pickup for online purchases is an important next move for their business. They have already tested the service at several of their retail stores around the country and will soon be ready to roll-out the program nationwide. Ecommerce is pushing forward, and retail stores need to support the new trend in the way consumers shop. Kohl’s did not state when store pickup would be available everywhere, but consumers can expect by the end of the year.

Many other retailers have already offered this service to their customers, and it is proving successful. Wal-Mart, Nordstom, BestBuy, and many other stores have been offering store pickup for more than five years now. Kohl’s can take a look at these stores to see what is working and what is not. For instance, BestBuy does not offer store pickup for items that fly off shelves quickly, such as new Apple and Samsung products. Kohl’s can learn from their experience and do the same.

Ever since people turned to online shopping, brick and mortar retailers have been looking for ways to stay relevant and profitable. The trend is to offer store pickup for items ordered online. This method is supposed to save consumers money because they don’t have to pay shipping costs and it makes returns and exchanges easier. Consumers like the convenience of having items shipped to their door, but they don’t like the additional cost. Free shipping is not an option for all stores, making store pickup the next best thing.

Store pickup also helps retailers keep their supply chain costs to a minimum because it takes less money to ship an item to a store where other items are already going than trying to plan the logistics of shipping one item to a home. Additionally, retailers often don’t have to plan any additional shipping because they can simply pick items that customers order online off of their shelves to have ready for store pickup.  Kohl’s will most likely have success in this endeavor.

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