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McDonald’s Tests Mobile Ordering and Delivery in New York

McDonald’s Tests Mobile Ordering and Delivery in New York
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Mobile ordering and home delivery are two of the biggest trends in the fast food industry right now. Burger King recently introduced delivery services at select stores and rival McDonald’s is now doing the same thing. McDonald’s announced that they will be trying a mobile ordering and delivery system at 88 stores in New York. It is a part of a turnaround plan to keep the company profitable by focusing on consumer-driven decisions.

McDonald’s mobile ordering system will feature the full menu. That means customers can even order cold things like soft-serve cones and McFlurries. Delivery times will be approximated and service guaranteed. Senior Vice President at Worldpay, Chester Ritchie, said, “Mobile ordering is certainly not a recent phenomenon. Industry insights suggest now is the time to get in the game.” Retail stores and restaurants around the world are picking up on the trend.

Fast food sales have been on the decline across the board. There are several factors, such as more health conscious consumers, but another factor is convenience. Food businesses that offer delivery are seeing more sales. McDonald’s wants to stay ahead of the game, which is why they decided to test delivery service themselves. If successful in New York, McDonald’s will most likley roll out the program across the U.S. and eventually the world.

Instead of developing their own app internally, McDonald’s has contracted Postmates to make sure everything goes smoothly with the mobile ordering and delivery service. It’s possible that McDonald’s will use their own resources in the future to build their own platform if they decide to incorporate mobile ordering on a larger scale. Postmates is a logistics and courier delivery service that works with companies from office supplies to restaurants. They are rapidly growing and a big name in New York right now.

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