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Orchard uses robots and drones to help with crops

Factories testing out flex-time

Traditionally, factories wanting to be efficient and producing seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day found that workers need to start and end at the same time in order to maximize their efforts.

Land O’Lakes, a cheese manufacturer based in Minnesota, is testing out flex-time schedules. Eliminating the traditional factory work schedule.

And it’s working!

Not only does the flexible schedule attract workers, the benefit helps retain workers.

Are newspapers the solution to the “last mile”?

Last-mile startup, Ziing – based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – acquired a newspaper publisher’s parcel-delivery unit to help expand their capacity for last-mile parcel deliveries.

So, something old becomes new?

Orchard uses robots and drones to help with crops

These days it’s harder and harder to find good (human) help with mundane tasks such as working in an orchard.

This orchard in Kelowna, BC, Canada is making use of robots and drones to help with their crops.

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